Grounds & Facilities

Our academy provides students with full room and board. Good quality accommodation and food are taken very seriously and seen as an important factor of good training.

Our Rooms

All of our student rooms are bright and roomy, furnished with beds, wardrobes, tables and chairs. An electric fan is provided for summer, a heater blanket and extra blankets are provided for winter. Power sockets in the wall and Internet (cable) access are available in all the rooms.

All the rooms can comfortably accommodate two students. Single rooms with air-conditioners are also available for an extra fee. The academy has 20 student rooms in our building.

Room Types

Students with shared rooms will only be paired with the same gender. A 2-person room can be shared by a couple who books their stay together.

Training Areas

Indoor Training Room

indoor training hall

Indoor Training Hall

training equipments

Training Grounds

The school has a fully equipped indoor training room, outfitted with safety gear, mats, weapons, training dummies, mirrors, stretching bars, a weight-lifting bench, and other training equipment. The indoor training hall provides a spacious environment to practice all forms and weapons while keeping out of the elements. The outdoor training grounds span the entire school property, with different training areas suited to different activities. The masters may also occasionally take students to train at the local reservoir, Maling Shan Forest Park, or the surrounding fields. Daily running follows the road beside the school.


kung fu school, maling shaolin kungfu academy dining hall

Dining Room

Students enjoy their meals together in the communal dining room. The tables in our dining room are round, with a spinning top in the middle. Three or four plates with different dishes are placed on the round-spinning table for about six students to eat. The academy serves three warm meals a day, seven days a week.

kung fu school


The classroom is open to students for self-study as well as other classes the school may offer. These may include Chinese Mandarin classes, Wushu Theory, and Chinese Culture classes. These classes are subject to demand.


Laundry Room

Free washing machines are available for students to do their laundry (laundry detergent can be purchased in the village). Standing bars are placed on the roof and in front of the building for students to hang dry their clothes.

kung fu school, maling shaolin kungfu academy washroom


kung fu school, maling shaolin kungfu academy shower room

Shower Room

Toilet Room

Each floor of our academy’s accommodation building is facilitated with western toilets and common washing rooms. There are separate men’s and women’s hot showers and restroom facilities. Please note, it is not recommended to drink tap water in China, since there might be bleaching powder and other chemicals added to it. The academy helps students order large bottles of mineral water or purified water from the water facility in Maling Forest Park. There are water-boilers in the accommodation building which provide students with warm drinking water 24 hours per day.

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