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We make headlines! Thanks to the expertise of our masters and the skill of our students, Maling Shaolin Kung Fu Academy has been honored with countless opportunities to perform, compete, appear, and participate in events, news features, and competitions. Take a look below at a few of our articles, events, and achievements! Also, take a look at our latest YouTube videos in the feed below and follow us on social media!


Multi-School Joint Festival

Martial arts students from Wangzhuang, Shaodian, Qipan, Chenggang, and Wavao came together for joint activities and showcases. [2022]

Music Festival

Xinyi Wind & Cloud Music School came to our academy for a cross-cultural day of traditional and modern arts, dance, and music. [2018]

Annual Anniversary Performance

Summer performance with both our foreign students and several branch schools for local children. [2019]

National Day Performance

Our students were invited to be the opening guests of the National Day Celebration at Malingshan Forest Park. [2016]

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