Group Packages

A Once In
A Lifetime
Group Experience

Master Bao

Shaolin Temple
Warrior Monks

Get the best hands-on training! Our  Masters are 32nd and 34th generation Shaolin Warrior Monks, skilled in all forms of Shaolin Kung Fu.

Fresh Homemade Meals

Fresh homemade, Chinese-style meals 3 times a day, 7 days per week at the academy.

Daily Training

Customized daily training with our Masters 5 days per week. Weekends are free for relaxation.

Group Culture Trips

Arrange destinations to visit, near or far, accompanied by a translator/guide.

LENKA meditation with tree
Maling Shaolin Kung Fu Academy is surrounded by an astonishing view of China’s countryside with remarkable scenery of farm life, lakes, and vegetation; which made everyday surreal in awakening to a new day of sunrises and sunsets, with the tranquility of peace and warmth as I begin my day with mediation and the adept knowledge and wisdom from the masters.

On-Site Services

R&R Training

For those looking for a peaceful getaway, your group training can be geared toward Rest & Relaxation with styles like Tai Chi & Qi Gong.

sanda sparring

Action Training

For the adventurous groups, we offer more dynamic styles such as Shaolin & Sanda. This can also be combined with R&R for a healthy mix. 

students learning chinese

Language Classes

Classes can be adjusted by group learning levels. Topics can cover practical vocabulary, business vocabulary, and/or pop-cultural influences.

students doing tea ceremony

Culture Classes

Our culture classes are as varied as the topic itself! From TCM, to history and art, to local traditions we can curate an experience for almost any interest.

Customizable Package

All Group Training packages are completely customizable. Accommodation preferences, training type and schedule, travel destinations, and length of stay are all up to you! To give you some ideas and guidance, view the examples below.

Popular Combinations

Maling Forest Park

10 Days,
Hotel Stay, Local Tours

Shaolin temple

15 Days, School Stay, Travel

12 Days, School Stay, Travel

20 Days, Hotel Stay, Local Tours

Training Styles

Below are the training styles offered at our academy. You can click the images to learn more about each style. We recommend the first 4 styles, Shaolin, Tai Chi, Sanda, and/or Qi Gong, for beginners, but you are more than welcome to try the others as well. We will work with you to create your ideal training schedule, taking into consideration such factors as ages, preferences, and duration of stay.

Recommended age: 6+


An ancient martial art rooted in Chinese culture, emphasizing discipline, agility, and self-defense.

Recommended age: 10+

Tai Chi

A slow-paced martial art focused on balance, relaxation, and internal energy flow.

Recommended age: 8+


Chinese kickboxing combining traditional techniques with modern fighting strategies.

Recommended age: 10+

Qi Gong

Mind-body practice cultivating energy (Qi) through breathing exercises, movement, and meditation.

Recommended age: 6+

Wing Chun

A close-range combat style emphasizing speed, efficiency, and simultaneous attack and defense.

Recommended age: 10+


An aggressive and explosive martial art emphasizing powerful strikes, grappling, and close-quarter combat.

Recommended age: 10+


A circular and evasive style known for its intricate footwork, palm techniques, and continuous flowing movements.

Recommended age: 8+


A linear martial art emphasizing explosive power, direct attacks, and the use of the mind to control the body's movements.

Academy Rooms

Double Rooms

Single Rooms

Hotel Options

Malingshan Forest Park Accomodations

Bed & Breakfast

Explore the Beauty of China's Natural Wonders

"The landscape changes ten times every ten miles; the customs change a hundred times every hundred miles."

Chinese Proverb

Example Destinations

4-6 Hours - Xinyi, Xuzhou

Malingshan Forest Park

A walking nature hike featuring bamboo forests, lakes, & waterfalls near the academy.

yaowan ancient town river boats

4-6 Hours - Xinyi, Xuzhou

Yaowan Ancient Town

Explore a Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644 AD) ancient river town 40 minutes from the academy.

Aishan in snow

6-7 Hours - Pizhou, Xuzhou

Aishan Scenic Area

Named in part for its blessing by the God of Love ("Ai"), this area offers temples, winding pathways, & tranquil ponds.

yunlong lake pagoda and boat

5-7 Hours - Quanshan, Xuzhou

Yunlong Mountain & Lake

Two hours away, this dragon-shaped mountain, home to many cultural relics and historical sites, overlooks a picturesque lake, dotted with gazebos, pagodas, and boats.

pan'an wetland park aerial view

1-2 days - Jiawang, Xuzhou

Pan'an Wetland Park

Located 1.5 hours from the academy, this park features vast conservation areas, walking trails, camping & hotels, a theme park, and a conference center.

2-3 days - Zhengzhou, Henan

Shaolin Temple

A 6-hour drive from the academy, the Shaolin Temple is the birthplace of Shaolin Kung Fu and its famed warrior & Buddhist monks. Explore the training grounds & lineage of our academy masters!

great wall of china

3-4 days - Huairou, Beijing

Great Wall of China

An 8-hour transit, the Great Wall of China needs no introduction. Its staggering size can be seen from the darkness of space. The wall's most famous section can be reached via Beijing.

terracotta army

3-4 days - Xi'an, Shaanxi

Terra-Cotta Warriors

Eight hours from the academy, the Terra-Cotta Army is a one-of-a-kind feat of human ingenuity. Still standing after over 2,000 years, it is said that each face represents a real soldier in the army of China's first emperor.

giant panda

4-5 days - Sichuan Province

The Giants: Pandas & Buddha

Just 9 hours by bullet train and you will meet China's beloved Giant Pandas. Learn about the last wild panda reserve in the world. While there, check out the world's largest Giant Buddha statue!

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