Maling Shaolin Kung Fu 
Academy China

Our academy teaches students from around the world different styles of Chinese martial arts and Shaolin Kung Fu. Whether you are a beignner or an experienced martial artist, you are welcome to train at our academy and learn from our highly distiguished maters.

Our academy offers a comprehensive curriculum, covering everything from 
basic techniques to advanced forms 
and sparring

Our training is designed to improve overall physical fitness and conditioning, building 
strength, flexibility, and endurance. We also offer specialized classes for children, women, 
and seniors, tailored to their specific needs and abilities.

Our training methods are the same as those used in the Shaolin Temple for thousands of years. 
They have been developed and refined to make your body stronger, faster and more flexible, 
so you will become an excellent all-round martial artist.

Our focus is on discipline, respect, and humility, and we instill these values in our students 
through Kung Fu training. We also offer self-defense training, teaching students how to 
defend themselves in real-life situations.
qigong meditation


The instructors at the academy are highly skilled and experienced martial artists, dedicated to passing on their knowledge and skills to students.
students practicing outside

Outdoor training 

The academy has an outdoor training area, providing students with an additional space to practice their 
techniques and forms in different environments.
Master Tang meditating with students

Focus on discipline 
and respect

The academy places a strong emphasis on discipline, respect, and humility, instilling these values in students through Kung Fu training.

Elevate Kung Fu Skills at our School

Everyone can learn kung fu and get topfit if you are prepared to put in the work, effort and time.

Discover the 
Power of Kung Fu 
at Our Elite 

We are committed to inherit, explore and promote Chinese martial arts in the world.
Ready for the life changing experience?
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