Chinese kickboxing combining traditional techniques with modern fighting strategies.

Sanda, "Chinese Kickboxing" also known as Sanshou, which roughly translates as "actual combat". In the past, it was called "technique fighting" or "striking". The simple concept of Sanda is two people fighting against each other without weapons. Sanda is a Chinese martial art that originated from traditional kung fu and has evolved into a full-contact combat sport. It integrates techniques from various Chinese martial arts styles, including striking, kicking, wrestling, and throwing.

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Sanda practitioners are trained in both striking and grappling techniques, making it a well-rounded martial art for self-defense and combat sports competitions. It also emphasizes practical application and real-world combat scenarios, making it suitable for self-defense purposes.

Sanda combines using skill in pose and technique. Sanda Pose is normally called a “ready” stance, where the fighter is prepared for combat. Training in Sanda can help you keep your body in powerful condition, and develops the quickest of reflexes. Making use of fast movements to attack or defend, the fighter leaves little exposure of their body, very effective in protecting the key parts of your body.

After long-term training, having mastered Sanda skills, an Sanda practitioner will be unhurried and do corresponding defensive and offensive actions at a very fast pace when attacked suddenly by the opponent. It is also much easier for him to hit someone who hasn’t received the training. In comparison to an ordinary person, a Sanda practitioner has a much higher resisting ability. Sanda not only improves physical qualities such as strength, endurance, flexibility, and sensitivity but also develops people’s health both physically and mentally. Sticking to the training makes the body strong and strengthens bones and muscles.

With its emphasis on full-contact sparring and practical combat techniques, Sanda has gained popularity both in China and internationally as an effective and engaging martial art.

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Sanda, also known as Chinese Kickboxing or Sanshou, is a dynamic and modern Chinese martial art that combines elements of traditional Chinese boxing (Quanfa) with full-contact fighting techniques. With its roots deeply embedded in ancient Chinese combat systems, Sanda has evolved into a highly effective and practical fighting style renowned for its emphasis on realistic combat scenarios and rigorous training methods.

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