Grandmaster Shi De Qian- Shaolin Fist, Qi Gong, TCM

Shaolin Journey

From a young age, Master Shi De Qian was guided by Master Shi Su Xi (former Abbot of the Shaolin Temple) at the Shaolin Temple, and bestowed with the Dharma name De Qian. During his early years at the temple, he learned over 30 styles of Shaolin boxing and weapons from his master and venerable monk Master Yong Xiang. Under the guidance of Master Shi De Chan, he also studied the secret traditions of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Qigong, acupuncture, and other advanced techniques. After graduating from high school, he was admitted to the Ningxia Traditional Chinese Medicine School. Later, he enlisted in the army and served as a medical advisor and martial arts instructor in the 14th Regiment of the Second Division of the Xinjiang Military Region. In 1966, he transferred to the October Hospital in Nileke County, Xinjiang, as the attending physician in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Pictured: Shi De Yang (left), Shi Su Xi (middle), Shi De Qian (right)

Teaching Abroad

"Beginning in 1989 he was invited to teach and transmit skills in 48 countries and regions including the United States, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, India, France, and Russia, with over 7,800 foreign disciples."


Following his retirement due to illness, he returned to the Shaolin Temple, serving in various capacities including temple physician, coach, and Secretary-General of the Shaolin Temple Martial Arts Association. In 1986, he was transferred to the Dengfeng County Sports Commission as the head of the Martial Arts Research Department, concurrently serving as the Vice President and Secretary-General of the Shaolin Fist Research Association. In 1991, he was appointed as the Vice Chairman of the Henan Province Wushu Association, Deputy Director of the Henan Wushu Society, and a member of the Chinese Wushu Association. In 1993, he was appointed as a special invited professor and Vice President of the American University of Wushu Medicine. In February 1994, he became the President of the International Wushu Academy of Shaolin Temple. In 1996, he became the head of the Advisory Board of the International Shaolin Fist Federation. In 2000, he was appointed as the President of the International Shaolin Yi Jin Jing Society.

In January 1982, Master Shi De Qian was fortunate to obtain a collection of 55 years of secret manuscripts and 48 forms of Shaolin Temple martial arts from Abbot Yong Chan, initiating a comprehensive study and compilation effort. After visiting numerous provinces and regions across the country, he compiled 86 works totaling 21 million characters, including the “Encyclopedia of Shaolin Temple Martial Arts,” “Essentials of Shaolin Temple Medicine,” “Seventy-Two Arts of Shaolin Temple,” “Eighteen Forms of Shaolin Temple Martial Arts,” “Popularization Materials of Traditional Shaolin Temple Martial Arts,” “Shaolin Temple Techniques,” “Dictionary of Shaolin Kung Fu,” “Records of Shaolin Warriors,” “Legends of Shaolin Heroes,” and “Secrets of Shaolin Qigong,” among others.

These works were published by various publishers, with a total print run of 37.8 million copies distributed to 78 countries and regions worldwide. He has received high praise from experts, professors, and doctors both domestically and internationally, earning him the title of “King of Shaolin Books” in the world of martial arts.

He has been awarded the May 1st Labor Medal of Dengfeng City, the Advanced Principal Award of the Henan Wushu Museum, the First Prize for Excellent Achievements in National Wushu Excavation and Compilation, the Special Contribution Award for the First Asian Wushu Competition, the Award for the First Edition of the New Method of Health Qigong Yi Jin Jing, the Six Excellent Papers Award at International and Domestic Wushu Symposiums, the First Prize for Traditional Kung Fu at the New Zealand Oceania International Wushu Competition, the Champion of Shaolin Fist at the European International Wushu Competition, the First Place in Traditional Kung Fu at the Southeast Asian World Wushu Competition, the Golden Cup Award for Shaolin Fist at the Italian International Wushu Competition, and the Gold Award for Best Chief Referee at the First International Yi Jin Jing Competition.

Master Shi De Qian is acclaimed as the “Shaolin Mentor” and an “Outstanding Figure of Humankind” by the martial arts community both domestically and internationally. Beginning in 1989 he was invited to teach and transmit skills in 48 countries and regions including the United States, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, India, France, and Russia, with over 7,800 foreign disciples. His achievements have been reported by 76 domestic and foreign news units including International Times, World Daily, and Xinhua Wushu. He has made valuable contributions to promoting Chinese national culture, propagating Shaolin martial arts, enhancing friendship between China and the people of other countries, and improving the physical fitness of all humanity.

In December 2006, he was awarded the Outstanding Inheritance Master of Chinese Folk Culture “Shaolin Quan” by the Propaganda Department of the Henan Provincial Party Committee, the Henan Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and the National Government. In the same month, he was awarded the eighth-level title of Chinese Wushu by the National Wushu Administration and the Chinese Wushu Association.

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