Grandmaster Shi De Yang

Grandmaster Shi De Yang- Shaolin Fist, 18 Weapons

Shaolin Journey

Grandmaster Shi De Yang (Chinese: 释德扬), born in Taikang County as Shi Wanfeng in 1968, is a Chinese Buddhist priest esteemed as the 31st Generation Grandmaster of the fighting monks (wǔsēng 武僧) lineage at the Shaolin Monastery. Renowned globally as a leading exponent of traditional Shaolin culture, Grandmaster Shi De Yang’s influence extends far beyond the walls of the temple.

During his childhood, Master Shi De Yang’s neighbor was an elderly man who had previously been ordained at the Shaolin Temple but had since returned to lay life. The old man often recounted tales of his days as a wandering monk to young Shi Wanfeng, and secretly imparted some Shaolin martial arts to him, instilling in his young heart a longing to become a monk and learn Shaolin martial arts. 


Pictured: Shi De Yang (left), Shi Su Xi (middle), Shi De Qian (right)


"His peaceful life in the monastery has changed as tour groups… now ask to see his martial arts demonstrations at the Shaolin Temple... However, he still dedicates himself fully when requested to perform or demonstrate his skills."


Beginning in his early teens, Shi Wanfeng underwent nearly three decades of discipleship under Master Shi Su Xi, delving into the profound teachings of the “Three Shaolin Treasures”: Chan (religion), Wu (martial arts), and Yi (traditional medicine). Immersed in the Shaolin Temple for many years, he dedicated himself to rigorous training, mastering disciplines such as Dahong Fist, Xiaohong Fist, Luohan Fist, Shaolin Staff, straight sword, and the complete array of 18 weapons. His legendary prowess includes the ability to shatter aged trees with his “Iron Palm.

Beyond his own training, Grandmaster Shi De Yang has imparted his knowledge to countless aspirants of Shaolin martial arts, welcoming students from various cities across China and abroad, including Japan, Switzerland, Canada, Denmark, and Australia. Notably, he contributed not only as a cast member in the Taiwanese TV series “Young Zhang Sanfeng” but also as an esteemed action director in numerous cinematic productions.


In August 1991, he assumed the role of head coach for the Shaolin Warrior Monks, initiating a new chapter in his journey of mentorship and leadership. Currently serving as the vice president of the Association for the Study of Shaolin Kung Fu in China and an assessor of the International Shaolin Kung Fu & Wushu Federation, Grandmaster Shi De Yang’s commitment to propagating Shaolin heritage is evident through his roles as the headmaster of the Shaolin Temple International Wushu Institute and head coach of the Shaolin Temple Warrior Monk Reserve Team in China.

Furthermore, his influence extends globally through the Europe Branch Shaolin Cultural Center in Italy and Switzerland, facilitating the transmission of traditional Shaolin kung fu to enthusiasts worldwide. With visits to countries including Italy, England, Hungary, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, and Canada, he has established affiliations with several schools, promoting the Shaolin legacy on an international scale.

Despite his international acclaim, Grandmaster Shi De Yang remains rooted in the Shaolin Temple, dedicating himself to ongoing studies and the noble task of teaching. His remarkable journey has been documented in books and documentaries, a testament to his enduring commitment to preserving and disseminating the rich tradition of Shaolin martial arts.

His peaceful life in the monastery has changed as tour groups, both local and international, now ask to see his martial arts demonstrations at the Shaolin Temple. Some foreign friends have invited him to move abroad and stablish schools, but he always politely declines these invitations. However, he still dedicates himself fully when requested to perform or demonstrate his skills. Some have thus labeled him a true “ascetic monk.” Yet, he states, “Though I reside within the monastery, I remain a citizen of China, devoting all my youth and passion to promoting the treasure of Chinese culture, Shaolin martial arts!”

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