Master Yan

The Masters: Master Yan; Shaolin, Mantis, Sanda. 师父领进门 修行在个人 The master leads us through the door. Cultivation depends on the individual.

Shaolin Journey

A 34th-generation Shaolin Warrior Monk, Master Yan was influenced by family members dedicated to the Shaolin Temple. He began learning traditional folk martial arts at a young age under his Grandfather, a former protection monk in the Shaolin Temple and kung fu brother of One-Finger Zen Master Hai Deng.

In 1998, Master Yan went to Shaolin Temple and became a warrior monk. His tenure at the temple was characterized by unwavering dedication and rigorous training, during which he actively participated in numerous martial arts competitions, consistently showcasing exceptional prowess.

Master Yan with Sword

In 2000, he won the first place in the inaugural Secession Shaolin Fist Competition held in Dengfeng City, marking the onset of his string of achievements. In the same year, he participated in Hebei Yang-style Tai Chi Martial Arts Exchange Competition and was awarded the title of Excellent Sportsman. In 2002, he won first place in the National Shaolin Fist Competition; and in the same year, he was awarded the title of Excellent Warrior in the Shanghai Martial Arts Exchange Competition.

In subsequent years, Master Yan’s talent and dedication were further recognized, evidenced by his participation in esteemed events such as The Traditional Martial Arts Exchange Competition in 2003 and the 7th Secession International Martial Arts Festival held in Korea in 2004, which he attended by direct invitation. In 2005, he secured the championship title in the highly competitive National Martial Arts Championship. At the end of 2006, Master Yan transitioned into a role of mentorship and instruction, commencing his tenure as a Sanda and Shaolin Kung Fu teacher for a diverse cohort of students from across the globe.

Master Yan's Kung Fu Specializations

Master Yan’s expertise spans a wide array of traditional martial arts forms, encompassing Shaolin fist forms, regulated fist forms, Northern Praying Mantis, broadsword, straight sword, staff, and spear techniques. His mastery is evident not only in his exceptional skillset but also in his aptitude for imparting knowledge effectively and his admirable personal attributes, rendering him an exemplary figure in the realm of martial arts instruction.

Master Yan Photos

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