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Shaolin Journey

A 32nd Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk from the original Shaolin Temple, Master Bao is a highly accomplished martial artist, a national first-level coach, and a recognized successor of Yi Jin Jing. He has many years of experience in teaching foreign students of all backgrounds from around the world.

Master Bao started to train traditional Chinese martial arts when he was 7 years old. At age 12, he embarked on an intensive training regimen at the Shaolin Temple, where he remained until the age of 19. He had the great honor of being a disciple of Grandmaster Shi De Qian, who was both nationally and internationally known and highly praised. From the Grandmaster he learned not only traditional Shaolin martial arts and different styles of Qi Gong, but also traditional Chinese medicine. Due to his excellent performance, Master Bao was invited to live with the family of Grandmaster Shi De Qian.

Teaching Abroad

His contributions extend beyond competitive arenas, as evidenced by his engagements in Martial Arts Exchange and Teaching initiatives in South Korea and Thailand in 2004 and 2007. These endeavors underscore his commitment to sharing his expertise and promoting martial arts globally.


Master Bao’s expertise has been validated through his participation in national and international martial arts championships, where he has consistently achieved acclaim and earned numerous awards. Notable among his achievements are his victories in prestigious competitions such as the ‘National Traditional Fist and Weapon Competition’ in 2001, the ‘Henan Martial Arts Competition,’ and the ‘Henan Traditional Fist Competition’ in 2002. In addition, his proficiency in broadsword and soft weapon techniques earned him the Honorable prize at the ‘Invitational Martial Arts Competition’ in Anhui province in 2003. He was also awarded the title of ‘First Warrior’ at the Martial Arts Championship tournament in Zhengzhou City during the same year.

In 2007, Master Bao participated the National Martial Arts Competition in Yichun, Jiangxi province, and won the 1st place in both Fist and Staff. In 2008 he participated in the International Martial Arts Festival in Zhengzhou and won the 1st place in Staff and Sword, and also 1st place in Pu Dao.

Master Bao's Kung Fu Specializations

Master Bao’s expertise extends across a spectrum of traditional martial arts disciplines, including Shaolin, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Baji. As the Headmaster of the Maling Shaolin Kung Fu Academy, he brings over two decades of experience teaching foreign students. Master Bao’s proficiency is evident not only in his comprehensive knowledge of these arts but also in his ability to effectively transmit these ancient teachings. His dedication to his craft and his admirable personal qualities mark him as an exemplary figure in the realm of martial arts instruction.

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Discover the essence of Wushu through the eyes of Master Bao. From his roots in Xinyi to training at Shaolin Temple, delve into his Wushu journey, the the mission of Maling Shaolin Kung Fu, and the transformative power of martial arts.

Have you ever wondered what life would be like living at the Shaolin Temple? Turns out its not all flying monks and roses. In this article, 32nd Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk Master Bao (Shi Xing Jian) recounts his life growing up at the Shaolin Temple.

What makes Shaolin Kung Fu unique? What is the true purpose of this martial art? Is it ever too late to start Kung Fu? We sit down with Master Bao, a veteran practitioner of Chinese martial arts, to find out about his journey in Kung Fu, its philosophy, and more.

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