February 19, 2024

Unveiling the Essence of Wushu: An Interview with Master Bao Kang Jian

Master Bao meditation

Discover the essence of Wushu through the eyes of Master Bao. From his roots in Xinyi to training at Shaolin Temple, delve into his Wushu journey, the the mission of Maling Shaolin Kung Fu, and the transformative power of martial arts.

My name is Bao Kang Jian. I was born in Xinyi City, Jiangsu Province, China in 1986. Influenced by the atmosphere of people loving Wushu (martial arts), I started to learn from a local master at a age of 8 years old. By the age of 12 years old, I had already formed a solid Wushu foundation. In order to pursue my Wushu dream and achieve more in Wushu, I formally acknowledged Grandmaster Shi De Qian (renowned as King of Shaolin Books) as my shifu (master) and was granted my Buddhist name Shi Xing Jian. While learning from my shifu, I learned the traditional Shaolin fist forms, long & short weapons, soft weapons, Qi Gong, etc. My specialties are Shaolin Hong Fist, Luohan Fist, King Kong Fist, Eagle Fist, Tiger Fist, and other animal styles; Qigong Baduanjin and Yijinjing; Three-Section Staff, Nine-Chain Whip, and other soft weapons. To understand the deeper meaning and spirit of Wushu, I later learned Tai Chi, Baji, and other internal Wushu.

鲍康建(法号:释行建),86年生于中国江苏新沂,8岁的时候受周围习武风气的影响开始喜欢武术并在当地方拜师学艺,12岁武术基础扎实,为满足更高更全面的武术追求前往少林寺拜"少林书王"释德虔(王长青)为师,赐法号释行建。期间训练学习少林传统拳术,长短兵器,软兵器及气功等。其最擅长少林洪拳,罗汉拳,金刚拳,鹰拳,虎拳等传统拳术, 还深度学习了八段锦和易筋经,以及三节棍九节鞭等软兵器。为满足后期更好的传承武术同时又练习了太极八极等内家门派武术。

After training for many years, and influenced by my master's dedication, Wushu has become a part of my body and spirit. I opened my own school so I can pass on what I learned from my master and let more people benefit from Wushu training. That’s what I always wanted and what I consider my biggest responsibility.


Therefore, I founded my own Wushu school, Maling Shaolin Kung Fu Academy, in October 2009. Since it was founded, I have been dedicated to passing on this great art. I care every student of mine, and work hard to assure that they can get what they want from my school. Meanwhile, I try all means to dig out the great potential of students and push them to break their limits. My wish is for everyone who ever comes to train at my school would benefit in all levels, and have a better understanding about Wushu.


In Wushu practice, many elements are involved, including hand, eye, body, feet, spirit, Qi, energy, etc. In terms of physical fitness, Wushu can train people from the outside and the inside, and strengthen every joint and muscle. No other type of sports activity can work out people’s body in such a complete way. In terms of practical fighting and defense, every single move in Wushu has a meaning, a purpose of strike or defense. When you are really good at doing some form or move combinations, you will see it’s application/fighting meaning clearly. As the old Chinese proverb says “practice makes perfect.” When you actually master a move, you will apply it as a natural reaction. In Wushu, every single move is designed by following the law of nature, and it’s meant to combine our body and nature harmoniously. After you train Wushu for years, you can actually feel the truth of this principle- that which works for Wushu training, works for our life too.


The biggest challenge in Wushu training is to overcome the tedium of long time repeatable practice. Most Wushu practitioners will meet this challenge in middle of the training process. Feeling lost is part of the journey, but it will make you grow and improve so much if you can pass over this stage. The purpose of training Wushu is not only for self-defense or fitness. It’s the philosophy and enlightenment you will get from it, especially when you live through the most difficult stage and break your own limits.


qigong standing meditation

The original purpose that one chooses to learn Wushu might be because he/she wants to get in shape, achieve fitness goals, or simply because they think Wushu is something very cool to do. It is the curiosity which makes one to start, but most people feel it’s much different from they expected. It’s doing the same thing over and over again. However, you would be thrilled by discovering how much your body changes and improves. The process is like eating some delicious food; you like the taste so much when you first eat it, but you don’t even want look at it after eating a lot for a long time. It’s when you learn how much nutrition this food can bring to your body that you will start enjoying eating it again, and become to get used to its taste and make eating it as habit.


The ultimate meaning of Wushu is the same. The learning and training process will make one find his true self and therefore make his life more meaningful. If you decide to learn Wushu, you must set yourself a firm goal and put all your spirit in training, constantly remind yourself of your goal. Every time your body has a breakthrough, it's is also your life’s breakthrough.


“Dripping water wears through a stone”. It’s not because the stone is soft, but because water drips constantly.


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